Providing public information, education and training in order to maintain
radio communications during periods of disaster and public emergencies

Wrightwood Communications
Non Profit 501(c)(3)


Disaster Preparedness Radio Net
Every Sunday 6 pm Table Mountain 2 meter repeater
145.2800 (-) tone of 131.8


Local Frequencies and Nets

WW1         146.050     Simplex
WW2         145.525     Simplex (KW6WW primary simplex) (Net Sunday approx 6:40pm)
WW3         145.555     Simplex
WW2MR   147.240 +  (Enc/Dec) 91.5  (KW6WW 2m repeater)
WWTC1    147.525     Simplex (TAC)
TableMtn   145.280 -  (Enc/Dec) 131.8 (WR6AZN 2m repeater) (Net Sunday 6pm)

WW220     222.140     Simplex
WW220R  224.400 -  (Enc/Dec) 91.5   (KW6WW 220 repeater)
TableMtn   223.960 - 
(Enc/Dec) 156.7 (WR6AZN 220 repeater)

WW440R  445.240 -  (Enc/Dec) 127.3 (KW6WW 440 repeater)
TableMtn   447.200 - 
(Enc/Dec) 94.8   (WR6AZN 440 repeater)

WW2ME1  Rx 144.930   100.0     Tx 147.585    (KW6WW Emergency Repeater 1)
WW2ME2  Rx 144.930    91.5      Tx 147.585    (KW6WW Emergency Repeater 2)
(Emergency Repeaters do not operate at all times)

HF 80 meter       3.9875        (Net Sunday at 5:30pm)
HF 40 meter       7.235

Portable Emergency Repeater Programming Cheat Sheets

KW6WW Electronics - Ham Radio - Tool - Swap Meet

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Info-Rules & Vendor Permit Updated 5-28-10
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Recent Net Trivia Questions

What items can an ARRL OO (official observer) be compensated for?

A Personal time monitoring the ham bands
B Time required to read the FCC Rule Book
C Postage and envelopes
D Repairs to the monitoring receiver

When may amateur radio operators use their stations to notify other amateurs of the availability of equipment for sale or trade?

A. Never
B. During Ham Swap nets only
C. When the equipment is normally used in an amateur station and such activity is not conducted on a regular basis
D. When the equipment is not the personal property of either the station licensee or the control operator or their close relatives



3 Basic
Communication Steps

Used for the high desert areas during a major disaster

Tune in to the Table Mountain Repeater and stand by for the Wrightwood Communications Group Net Control
If Table Mountain Repeater is not available use Simplex frequency of 145.525
with no tone
Provide casualty & damage report to Net Control

Exercise Tango
Disaster Drill Sept 30, 2007

After Action Report
(pdf file 256k)
Weather Report
(pdf file 50k)
Final Weather Report
Tango Tortoise Audio
(MP3 file 220k)
Rambling Radio Operator Scenario

Antenna Array at Frost Peak on Blue Ridge
(above Mountain High)


Public Meeting
Free BBQ & Workshop
Saturday July 28, 2007

Local Disaster Related Nets
Disaster Preparedness Net
Rescue Net
Sun  6pm
Tue  8pm
Table Mtn 2 meter
Keller 2 meter
Local 2 meter Repeaters
Table Mountain 2m
Keller Peak 2m
145.280 (-)
146.385 (+)
PL 131.8
PL 146.2

Local 2 meter Simplex Frequencies

National Calling Freq
Wrightwood Primary
no tone
no tone


There is no substitute for actual practice!
Webmaster KG6ZEP